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Medical Price Transparency


JJM Medical Services will provide patients or their authorized representatives with an estimate of the allowed amount(s) or charge(s) for the services to be provided by JJM Medical Services.  If you would like to receive an estimate of the anticipated fees or allowed amount for your visit, please call:


Cindy Pare

Practice Manager

Physicians’ Professional Management Corp.



If requesting an estimate of the allowed amount or charge please be sure to have a description of the surgical procedure for which you will require anesthesia services.  Please be advised the estimated fees provided may vary from actual fees invoiced because until services are provided it is impossible to calculate exact fees.  The inability to provide exact fees prior to anesthesia services is due in part to the fact one component of anesthesia invoicing is the length of time of the surgical procedure.  The exact length of surgical time varies from surgical procedure to surgical procedure.


It is our intent to provide honest and reasonably reliable estimates.

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